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Artisan Handmade Boards

Welcome to Artisan Handmade Boards! 


Here at Lemon and Lavender we are focused on offering our local customers in Madison, Alabama and our friends nation wide the highest rated Artisan Handmade Boards. Our owners personally handpick each product in our store to deliver you the best Artisan Handmade Board experience while staying true to our founding principle to move away from convenient self care products to those that are sustainable for the environment. Breath new life into your kitchen with a cutting board that is built to last and created from sustainable sources. 


Some of our top selling Artisan Handmade Boards are...

  1. "The Savannah" Artisan Handmade Cutting Board
  2. Live Edge Charcuterie Board 
  3. Handmade Cheese and Cutting Board 
  4. Small Charcuterie Board
  5. "The Washington" Charcuterie Board 
  6. "The Fitzgerald" Charcuterie Board
  7. "The Vermont" Charcuterie Board
  8. "The Windsor" Artisan Handmade Cutting Board 
  9. "The Scotsman" Artisan Handmade Cutting Board
  10. "La Damier" Artisan Handmade Cutting Board