Coffee Filter

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Reusable stainless steel coffee filter helps retain the aroma, the richness and the acidity of your favorite coffee.

Unlike paper filters, a metal coffee filter has small holes that let oils pass through and gives the coffee a richer character. Indeed, your choice of coffee filters can have a big impact on your overall coffee experience. It is compact and lightweight yet durable, your perfect pour in coffee dripper at home, office, while traveling or camping. Wherever you plan to use it, it will always provide you that great cup of coffee. 

Made of food grade stainless steel - Silicone handle for easy grip (and provides safety when using with hot water) - Easy to use and clean. - Plastic free - Zero Waste - Chemical Free - Sustainable - Rust-free - Length: 14cm How to use? - Place filter on top of cup/mug. - Add ground coffee into the filter and pour boiling water - Let water sift through - Hand wash and dry carefully