18 oz. Fizzy Bath Salts - Small Batch by Lemon & Lavender


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Introducing our Kids' Fizzy Bath Salt – a playful blend of colorful fun and gentle care for your little ones' bath time adventures.

Watch as the water transforms into a fizzy wonderland, creating an exciting sensory experience. Infused with mild, kid-friendly scents, this fizzy bath salt adds a touch of magic to each bath, turning routine into delight.

Formulated with gentle ingredients, it's perfect for young skin, leaving it soft and happy. Make bath time a joyful exploration with our Kids' Fizzy Bath Salt – where every splash is a burst of laughter and every soak is a whimsical adventure.

Will the natural mica stain my bath tub? No, it will not  the color will potentially cling to any natural body oils in the water and leave a slight ring around your tub which can easily be removed with a wipe of a wash cloth and soap.