Meluka Australia Organic Raw Honey

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USDA Certified Organic, raw and unpasteurized, completely natural with no added sugars or preservatives.

 Our healthy bees forage in the pristine rainforest of Bungawalbin Valley, home to the majestic tea tree and an abundance of native flora including jelly bush, eucalyptus and seasonal wildflowers.

Enjoy the delicate flavour of native botanicals and the goodness of organic raw honey anytime, every day Our Native Wildflower Raw Honey has a delicate Australian botanical blossom flavour, making it perfect an everyday honey or natural sweetener with all the natural goodness of raw honey

Note: • Do not heat raw honey above 40°c as this will damage the enzymes and other honey benefits • Raw honey may naturally crystalise. Place jar in warm water to return to liquid 9.7 fl. oz.