Sugar Scrub - 8 oz.

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This in-house made body scrub is all-natural and acts like an exfoliant and moisturizer in one. Comes with mini bamboo spoon to scoop out  

Benefits of ingredients: SUGAR is an excellent exfoliant for your skin. Sugar proves to be gentile yet effective at removing dead skin cells. COCONUT OIL is very hydrating to your skin (and hair). Lemons are rich in vitamin C which has many benefits to your skin. Vitamin C can help even out skin tone. It’s also packed with antioxidants to help fight against free radicals. 

While this scrub will leave your face feeling super soft, it’s not recommended to use on your face. Sometimes body scrubs can be a little too abrasive for more sensitive skin, such as our faces.

Do not dip hands directly into jar as it can cause bacteria to grow. Recommended use with a bamboo spoon (included). Dip a small amount with spoon into hand and scrub as needed. Repeat as desired.