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Check Out Our Top 5 List of Eco-Friendly Toiletries - 2023

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Welcome back!!

We decided to bring you a list of our current favs (also our trending products at the moment) that will help you make the move to a sustainable and Eco-friendly bathroom. We know it can be intimidating to shift the mindset from a quick convenient “chain store” purchase to one that is good for you AND the environment. Read on, to find our current list of trending items to help you start replacing products in your bathrooms with more Eco-friendly items.

1. You’ve GOT to get our bamboo soap dish . At only $6 it is made of natural bamboo and is a quick and easy swap. Bamboo is one of the most sustainable items we have access to. Bamboo has the ability to regenerate itself after being harvested. Pair with our European Soap (we recommend the honey almond for it's exfoliating properties.

2. Shampoo and Conditioner Bars - Stop what you are doing right now and check out our shampoo bars and our conditioner bars . Ditch the plastic bottles and move to more Eco-friendly alternative. Bonus points - the shampoo bar doubles as a bath bar! 

3. Our best selling product since day one has been our shower steamers. We are going to add our bath bombs to this post as well because whether you are a bath person or a shower person, either of these products are sure to wow the senses.  Our all natural non-GMO shower steamers and bath bombs are made of Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Epsom Salt, Essential Oil, seeds and buds. Hint* when using the shower steamers - once they have fairly dissolved, simply “scoop” up the remaining product in your hand to exfoliate hands, feed, elbows or any place that could use a good scrub. 

4. Our Recycled Glass Soap Dispenser is not only Eco-friendly but gorgeous too! Glass is a great option when moving to more sustainable materials. 

5. Our Make Up Erasers and our Make Up Eraser Minis are easily a customer favorite and extremely Eco-friendly. Erase ALL Makeup With JUST Water! Including waterproof mascara, eyeliner, foundation, lipstick, & more! ✓ machine washable   ✓ reusable  ✓ lasts 3 to 5 years ✓ eliminates waste The Original MakeUp Eraser is a premium & patented cloth made up of millions of tiny hair-like fibers that work together to create a "suction" for all dirt, makeup, & oil in your pores. Double-sided to erase makeup with the short fiber side & exfoliate the skin with the long fiber side (side with tag). PRO TIP: Use for erasing makeup, applying toner, or removing face masks. 1 Make Up Eraser is equal to 3600 makeup wipes! Ultra soft, hypoallergenic, & dermatologist approved. Free of alcohol, oils, astringents, parabens, fragrances, & sulfates.  10x use in between washes.

And there you go!  Our top 5 list of Eco-friendly toiletry products that are trending in our store! Stay tuned for our next post, and while you're waiting - head on over to our Convenient to Conscious Challenge we are hosting all YEAR!