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Your Eco-Friendly Holiday Gift Guide

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Our passion is to help you shift the mindset from convenient to conscious, and as part of that, we put together a list of our top ten eco-friendly gift sets! Whether you and your family are already living a sustainable lifestyle or if you are taking baby steps to getting there, here is an easy and affordable list of options for anyone you may be shopping for this holiday season. 

For the Coffee Lover - we carry Fidalgo organic coffee in Breakfast, Centro (also available in sample pack), and Italian blend. Organic coffee is not only a better option for your body but also for the environment. We also offer a stainless steel coffee filter that easily brews one cup of coffee. This not only reduces the use of plastic but also counter space. It's also great for the frequent traveler as well as the college student who needs to save space in the ever-crowded dorm room. Pair our coffee filter, sample coffee pack, and hand-forged coffee scoop for the perfect Coffee Lover gift set.

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Pamper Me Gift Set - Need we say more? Who doesn't love to be pampered (guys included)?!?! This pampering set has many scent options! Starting with our bath time, we have these Lemon & Lavender Dead Sea salts in lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, and lemon lavender. The 4-ounce jar is perfect for two baths. We also have our own sugar scrub in lemon & lavender for both bath or shower usage to exfoliate skin and leave super soft with a small bamboo spoon for scooping. For shower time, we have our customer-favorite shower steamers. Easy to use: unwrap, run under water a few seconds, and set on shower shelf; the essential oils will naturally diffuse into the air - eucalyptus (tension and migraines), lemongrass (wakening and revitalizing), mint (congestion), and lavender (unwinding). And last but not least, our Body Butter (available in Basic, Winterlatte, or Honey Dew). This butter doesn't have any alcohol-based fragrances and will keep your skin well-nourished and moisturized for the winter. Click here for products-->

Calling All Candle Lovers - Our Woodfire candles are a customer-favorite for a variety of reasons. One, the wood wick, when lit, crackles, and gives off a nice soothing sound that appeals to the senses. Two, the smells are amazing! It's impossible to say what's the most popular because customers love all of them. And three, which in our opinion is the most important, they are both all-natural and sustainable. Made with soy wax and natural wood wick, these are clean-burning candles. We also offer refills so that when you've burned all of your candle it's super simple to refill it! Customers also love our longer safety matches to make it simple to get all three wicks lit with only one candle!       Click here to view all of our Woodfire candles and accessories-->

New Baby Gift Set - Whether for new parents or the precious baby, these items are the perfect purposeful gift set. Starting off with our Baby's First Warmie. These stuffed animals are filled with lavender. They can be microwaved, which is great for any stomach ache or ear ache for baby. Extra: they are also great for adult stomach cramps! Our bamboo baby brush and spoons are a great way to start an eco-friendly lifestyle. Our baby teether or lovey is also great because knowing the material is organic and holds no toxins can make anyone feel good about what that precious baby is putting in his/her mouth! And our Baby Lotion is also a smart choice because there are no artificial ingredients; everything is all-natural, making it the right choice for Baby!                                                     Click here to view All Things Baby-->

Stylish Sustainable Shoulder Wear - Our customers love our Myra bags. From our weekender bags to our small wristlets, there is something for everyone. What we love about Myra is that they use repurposed army canvas bags as well as organic materials to make their products. So not only are they stylish and functional but also good for the environment.                                        Click here to shop Myra-->

For the Teenager - This is a tried and true success gift set for the teenager. Starting with the silicone wrist keychain, these come in a multitude of adorable colors. These are great for busy teens to grab their keys and go. It also helps with safety as they can have them around their wrists as opposed to digging through a purse or backpack looking for them. Two more essentials for a teen's everyday life is our Lavender Thorn lip balm and bamboo water container. Especially during winter months, those lips need to stay moisturized. These all-natural lip balms will do that - no drying alcohol or artificial fragrance. And let's talk water containers. To have a "security" water bottle is a trending essential! You can feel good knowing you're giving the gift of sustainability. Extra bonus, there is an infuser inside so they can add tea or fruit to their water. To end their busy busy day, we've included a shower steamer (lavender is great to help them relax after their day) and then our Makeup Eraser is a convenient way to help them keep their faces blemish free. All they have to do is wet the cloth and wash! The million microfibers pull the dirt and makeup from their face. Click here for products-->

For the Chef in the Family - Everyone has that one person in their family who loves to be in the kitchen preparing a new dish for everyone to OOOH and AAAH over! Make sure to show your appreciation for their talent - hey, it means less cooking for you! Here are a few gift items they are sure to love! Starting off with our See Salt (yes, that's their name). This sea salt is hand-excavated off the coast of France. We recommend both the original as well as one of the blends infused with either black pepper or herbes de provence. Pair this with a paddle board and suggest having a butter board - they can add pats of butter to the board and infuse with the salts for bread. Additional idea: include some of our Hive of the Rising Sun local honey to make honey butter for the board! Our salt bowls are a great addition for hosting or to have a small amount on hand while cooking. Also, cooks love our truffle oil. It's so versatile. We personally love it drizzled over popcorn! And lastly, every cooks loves a good kitchen towel. And even extra, ours has ruffles! Click here to shop this set-->

For the Foodie - Nothing says LOVE like some yummy food! And for the one who loves some yummy goodies, we have it here! Peculiar Preserves is a customer favorite. Her gourmet jams and jellies are made locally out of the commercial kitchen at Lowe Mill. So this is double wonderful because you are supporting two small businesses. Willa's Shortbread cookies, in Classic and Wildflower Honey, is a yummy afternoon treat. Double up by adding a dollop of Peculiar Preserves to them or even some Hive of the Rising Sun honey. Hive collects honey locally so not only does it taste amazing, you are also getting the benefits of allergy immunities. And last but not least, add a favorite blend of Fidalgo coffee. See above for what's so wonderful about organic coffee. Click here to see all the fantastic food options-->

For the Busy Mom - So yes, all busy Moms (and Women in general) would love the Pamper Me package, but sometimes we don't even have the time to stop and pamper ourselves. So here are some on-the-go options for the busy female. Let's talk essential rollers. We have a variety of blends to choose from for almost every need! If you aren't familiar with the benefits of each, we definitely suggest taking some time to research. These are also the perfect size to throw in a purse and go. Another great gift for any busy woman to have on-hand is our Body Butter to keep hands hydrated all winter long. A variety of scents, everyone is sure to love any or all scents. And knowing that it's all-natural is a double-win. Speaking of hydrated, our Hydration Mist is another great addition to her purse. Need a nice uplift? Spray this on your face to hydrate your face, especially against winter winds. And every woman needs a nice little snack stash in her car. Whether it's because she's running from appointment to appointment or waiting in the car for her child to get out of practice, our lemon or lime tea cookies will quickly make any car ride a happy one. And what better to put everything in than in our popular Myra flower design travel case? Click here to see all these goodies-->

For the New Home Owners - Anyone who has recently moved into a new home would love any gifts to make their house a home. Here's our suggestions: our hand-carved mango wood trays (small and large available) are beautiful accent pieces to coffee table, buffet, center island, and more. Our marble/wood hexagon coasters are also beautiful but functional accent pieces. Two to four of our recycled glass wine glasses move to the beautiful but functional side of your gift. And speaking of functional, help the new home owners become conscientious with their cleaning with The Cleaner Soul cleaning kit and microfiber rag. Click here to view all and learn more-->


With all of these gift set options, you can customize each as needed or stop by the store to get guided shopping from our staff. We are open Mon-Sat 10-6 pm.