Cleaner Soul Spray - All Purpose Cleaner

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16.9 oz. reusable glass sprayer bottle with all natural cleaning formula. 100% non-toxic. Pet-safe, baby-safe, vegan, PETA certified and made in the USA.

Formulated by a natural biochemist, fragranced with organic essential oils that use skin-safe and food-contact safe ingredients.

Breathe: blend of organic eucalyptus oils with organic lactic aside made from sugar beets.

Baby Love: Safely and effectively cleans and removes bacteria from all surfaces that your baby comes into contact with. Can also be used as an air freshener, or fabric refresher. Lavender scented.

Sage: Suitable for every surface that can get wet, removes bacteria, dirt and grime safely without endangering your family's health. Blend of sage, clove, peppermint organic essential oils, inspired by the Native American tradition of burning sage over a fire to cleanse people of negativity and promote healing, wisdom and longevity.