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Bamboo Toilet Paper | Truly Natural & Unbleached | Tree-Free

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Panda Eco Paper | 100% Natural & Unbleached Bamboo Toilet Paper • Super-soft feel • Ultra Absorbent • High-Strength, 3-Ply Construction • Great value, 300 sheets per roll! • Clog-Free design • Sustainability of bamboo • 

What makes our TP better? 100% Unbleached, minimally processed: real brown bamboo, not bleached white unlike the leading brands

Sustainably sourced: the farm our bamboo comes from lets their bamboo grow naturally and does not use any extra pesticides

Truly Tree-Free: no paper wrapping here! WHY BAMBOO? Because bamboo is amazing! It grows faster than a tree but has a far lower carbon footprint. Bamboo absorbs more c02 and creates more oxygen than trees! The bamboo we source our products from does NOT contribute to deforestation (many unscrupulous bamboo producers will mow down forests to plant bamboo)

Certified PFA-Free • 100% Biodegradable • Septic-Safe • Blackwater Safe