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Bee's Wrap - Roll - Honeycomb

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With the Bee's Wrap Roll, your imagination is the only limitation - you can cover just about anything with our largest and most customizable format. Big or small — the roll covers it all. Grab your scissors and create your own sizes for sandwiches, breads, fruit, cookies, and anything in between. Our roll is our best value for customers that love Bee's Wrap and can't get enough! Fall & winter holiday gatherings, gift giving, and Christmas stocking stuffers can all be more sustainable with Bee's Wrap. Includes: 1 XXL Roll (14" x 52") Handmade in Vermont by a Certified B Corporation. Bee's Wrap is washable, compostable, and reusable for up to a year. Bee's Wrap is honored to have been selected as The Best Kitchen Tool in the POPSUGAR Wellness Awards for 2023!