Powder Laundry Detergent - Unscented


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Our laundry detergent is fragrance free and safe to use in all washing machines, including high efficiency (HE); and at any water temp.

We specifically leave our laundry detergent unscented. Detergents with added fragrances can irritate sensitive skin. Generally only grocery store detergents rely on harsh chemicals to get their scents, which linger on your clothes. We leave off scents because you don’t need it. 

64 loads per package when doing regular loads, or 32 loads per package if doing an XL loads

Directions: Use 2 Tbsp per regular load or 4 Tbsp for an XL large. [2 Tbsp = 1 oz, 4 Tbsp = 2 oz]. Pour directly into drum of machine.

Warning: Do not ingest. Keep away from children.

Small Batch - Locally Made - Hand Poured