Refill by Ounce - Rinse Aid for Automatic Dishwashers


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This product is highly effective and very concentrated.

Simply fill up your dishwasher's finishing agent reservoir as needed (typically once a week, depending on how often you use your dishwasher)

Why use our rinse aid? Rinse Aid reduces the surface tension of the water inside your dishwasher. This makes water less likely to cohere in drops on your dishes- meaning virtually no spots on your dishware!

As above, rinse aid also makes your dishes finish drying faster, which allows the dishwasher to use less power each cycle, making every load of dishes you run with Rinse Aid more eco-friendly!

No toxic residue left behind on clean dishes- unlike the leading finishing agent brands 100% Free of Toxic Gick Found in Other Dish Finishing Agents.

Ingredients: Charcoal Filtered Deionized Water Nonionic Surfactant Ethyl Alcohol Sodium Gluconate Citric Acid Methylisothiazolinone Benzothiazolinone