Unbleached Paper Towels | PFA-Free | Natural Brown Bamboo


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Panda Eco Paper | 100% Natural & Unbleached Bamboo Paper Towels • Ultra Absorbent • High-Strength Construction •

Great value, 150 sheets per roll!

Certified PFA-Free • 100% Biodegradable

What makes our towels better? 100% Unbleached, minimally processed: real brown bamboo, not bleached white unlike the leading brands Sustainably sourced: the farm our bamboo comes from lets their bamboo grow naturally and does not use any extra pesticides Truly Tree-Free: no paper wrapping here!

WHY BAMBOO? Because bamboo is amazing! It grows faster than a tree but has a far lower carbon footprint. Bamboo absorbs more c02 and creates more oxygen than trees!

The bamboo we source our products from does NOT contribute to deforestation